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Insertion electromagnetic Flowmeters

Insertion electromagnetic Flowmeters

Insertion electromagnetic Flowmeters has been developed for flow measurement of wide range diameters of water supply or water for industriy and so on.
Stable measurement is possible by the measuerment of average velocity in the pipe.The measurement range covers from minimal flow rate (0.01m/s) to large (5.0m/s).


  • Detectors are up to pipes of wide range(50A to 2000A).
  • Flow measurement of minimal to large is possible(0.01 to 5.00m/s flow rate value).
  • They are durable as they include no moving parts since the electromagnetic measurement is adoptead.
  • It is possible to install without water failure of exisiting piping since boring without stopping water is adopted.
  • It is possible to increase transmission distances to 1km since output signal is obtainable in pulse.
  • Rapid maintenance and calibration are possible since they are domestically producted.
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