Insertion Turbine Flowmeters

Insertion Turbine Flowmeters

Insertion Turbine Flowmeters can be installed to pipes both with small or large diameter (from 75mm to 2000mm ),and same type can be used to different diameter.So they are widely adopted to waterworks or city gas and so on.


  • It can be installed or deinstalled without stopping the flow in the pipe.
  • It can be used without bipas pipe,with small pitting area ,and with small cost for incidental work.
  • Single flowmeter can be used to various diameter, so Multiple-point-measurement with potably use is possible.
  • The loss of pressure is negatively small.
  • With its wide range of measurment ,it can be used to both for gas and liquid only with changing the rotar braid.
  • Specific

    For Liquid

    purpose: water supply, water for industry ,oil pipeline and so on

    For Gas

    purpose: city gas, natural gas, aeration duct test